The #ShaunWhiteSupplyCo Twitter Party IS October 12

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Shaun White in the air!

Do you skateboard? Do your kids? Want that perfect skateboard at the perfect price? We’ve got it! And the ShaunWhiteSupplyCo is making it!

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, we ALL know who Shaun White is and how amazing he’s performed in The Olympics, The X-Games, and in so many other contests. He does it on land and on snow. He’s fearless. And, yes, I was his guru. Just kidding.

Join us Friday, October 12 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m., ET – for giveaways, skateboard talk, extreme sports talk, and Shaun White possibly joining the fun. No promises; the dude is busy! Use the hashtag, #ShaunWhiteSupplyCo. Scroll to the end of this post to RSVP so you are eligible for the many fun prizes we’ll be giving away! We will be giving away¬†(2) $25 (2) $50 (1) $100 Walmart gift cards!

Shaun White’s company has a fantastic line of signature skateboards, that are both top-notch and unbelievably priced to buy! You will NOT find a skateboard of this quality at anywhere near its price.

Shaun White DOES NOT need to sell skateboards. His name and reputation are far more important than putting it on the line, on the board, on this line of products bearing his name. But, the reality is that these boards are that good. HE would have it no other way.

I will be your host but Shaun’s skateboards, and the giveaways are the prizes. BTW, I’m an unabashed fan of his. Below is a photograph of me in the SuperPipe at Mammoth.

I’ve been an extreme sports lover since before it was called extreme sports. I took a roller skate and a big book, sat on it and went down the steep hill besides my house when I was five.

Just this year, my wife and I went heli-skiing in British Columbia. Enjoy this column with photos and videos taken with my GoPro from that trip: How to Ski Out of This World. Below is my favorite photo from that trip. Note the tiny ski tracks on the left and then note the avalanche residue on the right.

I can’t wait to chat with my fellow sports lovers about Shaun White skateboards; hope you can join us! The RSVP link is just below…Be sure to use your Twitter handle to RSVP – that means use the @ before your Twitter name!

Full Disclosure: I am getting paid to host this event though, SHHHH, I’d have done it for free! Also, please note the Collective Bias Twitter Rules!