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I’ve been going #Vegan going on six months now. This video and the interviews were done just a few weeks into this new diet, as I was just going #vegan. Since then, I’ve had a second doctor’s visit with equally positive results. HOWEVER, my doc convinced me to add a bit of chicken to my diet as a precaution to be sure I was getting enough protein.

Given that my motivation for going vegan was not political or even strongly health-centered, I have no problem adding a bit of chicken to my diet so I’ve been eating grilled chicken breast about twice a week. I also lapse occasionally with a pastry that might have some butter in it. Other than that, I’m about 90% or so vegan and I expect to stay that way.

The struggle for me is still managing carbs ’cause I love ’em and, consequently, I haven’t lost as much weight as I’d like to. But, I’ve learned more and more new foods/recipes and I’ve completely convinced myself (brainwashed) that most of them taste terrific!

  • ginavalley

    I could give up anything but chocolate! 🙂  I’m an omnivore, but I have trouble getting enough protein because I don’t like meat, so I have  to be a bit more intentional about that.  Good luck on your vegan journey.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Dark Chocolate is a Vegan’s “legal” guilty pleasure! I’ve learned so much about “good” chocolate. It is as precise/varied as wine! There are excellent protein substitutes now, btw – just go to Whole Foods and browse!

  • Brian B Baker

    I went Vegan two months ago for health reasons, I get horrible migraines. Since I changed my diet I’ve dropped some weight and haven’t had a migraine in 9 weeks.

    We have couple cookbooks we use, and it helps that my cousin, whom I’m in constant contact with about diet, is a Vegan/Vegetarian and we swap recipes.

    Glad it’s working out well for you!


    • Bruce Sallan

      Great testimonial Brian. I still drink so I still get the headaches!

  • @MimiBakerMN

    My daughter went vegan a year ago and I think she likes it. I think it has always been a natural part of her diet. I made my first vegan cake last year for her birthday. Definitely make sure you stay healthy!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Don’t tell anyone Mimi, but I eat chicken breast a couple of times a week. My internist begged me to do so to be sure I got a minimum amount of protein regardless of my vegan ways!

  • Dale Perryman

    How much weight have you lost?

    • Bruce Sallan

      Not that much so far, Dale – maybe 8 pounds of the 25 I want to lose…

      • Dale Perryman

        Hey 8 pounds is a good start. Enjoyed the spontaneous video component of your blog post. Dod you use a phone to make the video?

        Sent from my iPad

        • Bruce Sallan

          Nope, did it on my iPad just like you left your comment! I do video via my iPad, GoPro, iPhone, HD video camera, and laptop…

  • Jim Corcoran

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    • Bruce Sallan

      Jim, I’ve seen it, loved it, and have recommended it to MANY friends!

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