Dad Breast Feeds

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Dad breast feeds

No, Dad is NOT breast-feeding, but he’s quite in the midst of it! Inspired by true events.

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  • MimiBakerMN

    lol I remember those classes. Poor dads that showed up!

    • Bruce Sallan

       This really happened to me, though I’m NOT that dad!

  • dadblunders

    I went to the parenting classes before we had Xander and one of them was on breast feeding. I was probably the best prepared dad in the group and that had to do more with my social work back ground than anything. It just didn’t phase me at all. I had seen so many mothers do that in front of me with newborns in hospitals, at homes, in offices ….I just had learned to totally ignore and not even see anything was going on ….not the process… not the learning of the process…. and yes trust me i know the process ( a little more than I actually want to know)… I had to learn about it in social work and working with families. 


    • Bruce Sallan

       Well, Aarom…you’re a better man than I was…it was HARD not taking a peek!

  • David Weber

    Now that is a situation filled with opportunities for intentions to be misunderstood.