We Had a #Tattoo Contest at #DadChat

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My son got a tattoo. He says it’s the first of many. He’s 18. When he came home with THIS ONE – above – it was more than I’d expected. Very big, Very prominent, and Very RED. Is this a battle we parents should fight? We talked #Tattoos, #BodyArt, and Our Kids on Thursday July 12, from 6:00 – 7:00 p..m. PT. Here’s the transcript.

AND, we had a tattoo contest for the best image of a tattoo, while chatting about this new craze that seems to be sticking around – figuratively and literally. Didn’t some of us say that rap would pass? Didn’t our parents and others say the same thing about Rock ‘N’ Roll?

Thank You Matt for the great #DadChat promo (above)!

The two winners of our Tattoo Contest: @papasense and @TPSDetBangild each won an autographed copy of my book. We had a wonderful mom, who comes from a family with a LOT of tattoos as our judge — Shannon Smedstad.

Shannon is a happily married, work-at-home mom (with tattoos) raising two awesome girls who spends her 9-5 working in human resources. Tattoos seem to run in her family, as her mom, dad, brothers, sister and husband are inked up, and her four-year-old is currently sporting a few fake ones, too. She also enjoys reading, yoga, traveling, her morning coffee and a good coupon. Read her article, Is Tattoo Ink Killing Your Job Search!