Alien at the Tattoo Convention

This is yet another video from my book, The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues: An Interactive Journal from A Dad’s Point-of-View. My son and I had just finished driving 3000 miles in eight days, from Los Angeles to Boston. Upon arriving at our hotel, we saw swarms of people with tattoos arriving, as we learned, for The Boston Tattoo Convention. My son quickly left me to meet up with friends and I decided to crash the tattoo convention. The experience proved incredibly eye-opening and I had such a good time with the people that I returned again that night. I turned out to be “the alien” among all present at the Boston Tattoo Convention plus I get a lesson in judgments – don’t make ’em! Enjoy all these tattoos and cool people.

Book Cover from The Empty Nest - tattoo convention

Another Tattoo

Another Tattoo - Because I Said So comic

Son’s brother gets another tattoo. Son shows Dad, much to Dad’s total confusion!

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My Son Got a #Tattoo

The title of this column probably brings shivers to parents of toddlers and kids under the age of 12. Many parents do not like or appreciate tattoos or any so-called “Body Art.” I am one of them plus it is against our religion and is expressly forbidden in Judaism. Nonetheless, we parents have to choose our battles and this is one I chose to lose.

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Dad Gets a Tattoo

dad gets a TattooOh NO! Dad gets a tattoo, much to Son’s dismay and shock! We will be having a #DadChat on “Body Art and Our Kids” so stay tuned for more on this sensitive subject for most parents!

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