Just A Guy Who Loves His Kids the Way Everyone in the World Does!

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I just returned from a magnificent trip to the Canary Islands, Morocco, and Portugal.  Last year, I visited Africa on my honeymoon.  Both trips were exotic, both trips had their highs and lows, and both trips taught me yet again the universality of parental love. I re-learned I’m just a guy who loves his kids more than he ever knew he could.

It doesn’t matter where you live, how much money you have, what you do for a living, we all care about our children.  My kids worry about having the newest cell-phone, trendiest clothes, and other really important stuff while the kids in the medina in Fez, Morocco were worrying about selling their cart of cookies or looking for a hand-out (that they really needed).

But, in spite of the poverty we sometimes witnessed, we also witnessed the miracle of childhood joy.  We went on a camel trek in the middle of nowhere, a 4-wheel drive hour’s journey from Marrakech where we encountered a small village. What were the kids doing there in the dust and dirt?  Playing. Running after each other – having fun!

Our 14-year-old guide, Aziz (see photo), was a bundle of smiles and happiness as he led our small group on the prescribed “Lawrence of Arabia” style trek (in my mind I was hearing Maurice Jarre’s score and imagining I was Peter O’Toole).

Parenting styles?  Different, for sure. They just carry the kids different ways, give them different foods, dress them differently, etc. But, do they love them any different? Not a bit.  But, what do I know; I’m just a guy.

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