Just A Guy Forgetting Everything

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Okay, girls, it isn’t just you during pregnancy or menopause that keeps forgetting everything (or so it seems).  I’m suffering it and I only was pregnant once!  Seriously, I’ve been fond of saying for the past decade or so, that the only thing I remember is what I had for breakfast.  And, the only reason I remember that is because I have the same thing every day.

Does anyone believe those advertised memory supplements work?  I can’t remember anyone’s name.  My wife’s name literally is one letter’s difference from my ex-wife’s name.  It took nearly two years before I stopped calling her by my ex’s name.  All the bruises I suffered as a result, and I couldn’t blame her.

Now, mixing up my kid’s names I gather is common.  But, forgetting them altogether?  Nah, just kidding.

Why is it that I remember the lyrics to songs I loved in Junior High?  I know, I know, the brain works in mysterious ways.  It’s my belief that our brain is like a hard drive.  Mine is full and unless I erase something, there’s no room for anything new.  I really don’t need all those lyrics.  I’d rather stop forgetting the names of people I meet at a dinner party (does anyone go to or have dinner parties anymore?).

I do know that exercising my brain is, to some degree, the same as exercising my body.  So, writing and reading helps.  But, it’s still a struggle.  And, really, what do I know; I’m just a guy.