Post #Election Hopes – What IF This Happens? #Trump #America #Politics

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This post is primarily addressed to my friends that were pro-Hillary, are Democrats, and are sad, worried, and/or scared about the future (with a #Trump /Republican administration).

First, let me say that I have lived with many worries, much anxiety, and fear for the past eight years, especially the first two years of the #Obama administration. During that time, I watched many of my worries come true, e.g. #Obamacare and the Iran Nuke deal.
WOULD YOU BE HAPPY IF (some or all of these come to pass):
~~ Obamacare is repealed. A new healthcare law is enacted with no disruption to anyone’s coverage. The best parts of OC are retained, specifically the pre-existing condition provision. Private insurance is competitive across state lines. You can use any doctor and your premiums have returned to their previous levels or lower.
~~ Unemployment REALLY is reduced as hundreds of thousands go back to work, included so many of those that removed themselves from the job market.
~~ Inner-city safety is improved. The number of shootings and gun-related deaths in Chicago is halved. Rahm Emmanuel joins his brother in Hollywood as co-chair of William Morris. DeBlasio loses his re-election bid and becomes a senior executive with the ACLU.
~~ The Dow Jones Average tops 25,000.
~~ ISIS is thoroughly defeated and Iran is REALLY stopped from going nuclear.
~~ A wall/fence is built and illegal immigration is reduced. Most illegals that have a proven criminal record are deported or incarcerated. A comprehensive immigration overhaul is underway.
~~ The remaining Sanctuary City of San Francisco is having severe financial troubles since losing all Federal funds due to their defiance of the law. Tourism has diminished precipitously, due to the exploding crime throughout the city. NOTE: I do NOT wish for this to happen. All the other cities that threatened to remain a Sanctuary City have begun to follow and implement EXISTING immigration laws.
~~ Abortion remains legal, EXCEPT for partial-birth abortion and abortion in the 3rd trimester, unless it is clear that the mother’s health is in jeopardy.
~~ Every team in the NFL opened the season by handing out CDs with different versions of our National Anthem, sung by many of the most famous singers in America.
~~ Colleges or universities that have anti-free-speech codes no longer receive any federal funding. 
~~ Our military, especially our Navy, is revitalized and funding increased. This is supervised by a board of sitting military leaders, along with David Petraeus and Colin Powell.
~~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires and the two new Supreme Court justices appointed believe in following The Constitution and rejecting judicial activist actions.
~~ Most of the previous administration’s executive orders have been cancelled. Our participation in the Paris Climate Change accord, the free passes extended to illegal immigrants, and many/most EPA regulations, are eliminated, with more to follow.
~~ The Department of Education is severely downsized and Education choices handed back to the States. School-choice grows and many inner-city and other poor areas/people in our country are choosing the best schools for their children.
~~ Lena Dunham, Cher, Barbra Streisand, Amy Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, #SeanPenn, #RobertDeNiro and many more of the 23 celebs, who threatened to leave the country if Donald J. Trump were elected, now live on a tropical island; the location of which is unknown. Al Sharpton is on his way there, too!
~~ Michael Moore makes a documentary titled, “How I Became a Republican and Love America Again.”
~~ Gay marriage is legal in all 50 States. Donald Trump officiates at a gay wedding, held in the White House.
~~ Shootings of police officers have been reduced by 75%. Added to Veteran’s Day is a proclamation to honor all our fallen police and first responders.
~~ The Black Lies Matter movement has gone the way of Occupy Wall Street.
~~ The New York Times and other leading newspapers have hired conservative columnists and editors and have publicly declared their renewed commitment to unbiased journalism.
~~ Much of the rest of the mainstream media have overhauled their inner structures to reflect a mix of political views both on air and in their management.
~~ The corporate tax rate is reduced, which has resulted in billions of dollars being repatriated to the U.S. from their safety ‘homes’ abroad. The boon in new small business growth is continuing in record numbers. Manufacturing is increasing in numerous sectors.
~~ The Keystone Pipeline is near completion and, with the elimination of most restrictive controls on fracking, the United States is not only energy self-sufficient but has become the second biggest supplier of oil in the world.