Be Careful What You Say or Write #SocialMedia

Caution - Social Media Danger

Recently, I wrote a column that apparently angered some readers as well as a dear friend of mine. Upon reflection, I realized that I probably have diarrhea of the mouth (or pen) and, sort of like Tourette syndrome I sometimes don’t censor my thoughts very well. I’ve since deleted that column. So, as a sort of penance and caution to others, I’m writing this column to encourage THINKING before speaking whatever comes to your mind, or hitting “publish” without careful reflection.

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#DadChat is “Dark” this week and next in honor of #Christmas and #NewYears

DadChat 2014 Year2Date

We’ve had an incredible year at #DadChat – see the 2014 stats, year-to-date, above. A record for us and probably one of the most popular chats on Twitter, period. I’m so proud of our community, my partner Christopher Lewis, and grateful for ALL the incredible guests and sponsors we’ve had this year. We look forward to 2015 bringing EVERYONE joy, health, and prosperity! Our FIRST #DadChat of 2015 will be Thursday, January 8 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET!

Why YOUR Company/Brand Should Sponsor #DadChat aka The Difference Between a #Twitter Party and a TweetChat


The Twitter Party began as a great new marketing tool in Social Media. It’s morphed into an infomercial. Whereas companies seek to actually engage with customers, the Twitter Party is pretty much about swag. It’s about getting something for nothing. It’s NOT about a topic that has general interest that is related to the sponsoring company/brand. But, a Tweet Chat sponsorship is all that and more. And, #DadChat offers the best demographics available on Twitter.

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T is for Testosterone at #DadChat with Dr. John La Puma #Giveaway

Comic about testosterone

Who hasn’t seen those ads for “Low T” and others suggesting that low testosterone is the biggest problem in men’s lives. What is the truth? How can women better communicate with men about their health?  We are going to Take on this Testosterone issue and get to the Truth. Thankfully, we have an expert on this topic in Dr. John La Puma. Homework for this week’s #DadChat is Dr. La Puma’s article in The New York Times, Don’t Ask Your Doctor About “Low T.” Win a copy of Dr. La Puma’s new book Refuel.

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A World Record at #DadChat

I find it so interesting that one of the most incredible forms of Social Media is just beginning to catch on. By that, I mean advertisers and marketers getting how valuable an active Tweet Chat can be! #DadChat is less than two years old but has a dedicated following of dads and moms that use our hashtag 24/7 and especially during our regular “time slot” on Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m. PT, 7:00 p.m. MT, and 9:00 p.m. ET. We set a World Record, as far as I can verify, last week with 267,000,000 million Impressions over a 48-hour period, 95% of which took place during our designated one-hour “official” chat! That is NOT a typo. In no small part, this record was achieved by the efforts of co-host Adryenn Ashley (@Adryenn).

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Why Don’t You Do ALL That Social Media Offers?

I’ve written and spoken many times about how overwhelming all the new Social Media and Technology can be and feel. Yet, I use more new and old media, I suspect, than any other blogger (I’m aware of). And, it’s not that hard. Let’s explore what they all are and ask why YOU are not taking advantage of these amazing tools. Most of them are free and most of them are easy. What is hard is taking that first step and plunging in!

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