A Rant on Political Correctness

You all know I like to rant. Just about nothing gets me more riled up than political correct nonsense. And nonsense is just the right word. I took excerpts from a recent radio show, Let’s Talk about Political Correctness, that I had video’d. Though I don’t “do politics,” I can’t help but often speak and write about my disdain for speech codes and the irony of political correctness limiting free speech. You know, rant. My most recent column on this was Diversity, Equality, and Other Four-Letter Words I Disdain. But, this short video will give you a hint at the passion and ire I have towards this subject!

We Ranted Out the Year at #DadChat

 Ranted out

So, what has you really irked this past year? We ranted out the year and had an all-out RANT-A-THON at #DadChat on Thursday, December 27th, though it turned into a positive reflection on the good in our lives rather than just a whining sessions. Says something about our community!  Read the transcript and see you next year!

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