An Ironic Father-Son Story #IRL


I’ve often dissed Hollywood and Madison Avenue for their depictions of dads, and men in general, for that matter. It is still not optimal, but it is changing for the better. How surprising to me that the best current portrayal of a father-son relationship came in a documentary about chimpanzees!

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Teens and College, @Josef & @MilasPage on #dadchat

What’s New? Where to begin? We had a GREAT #DadChat last night with @Josepf and @MilasPage co-hosting. Read the transcript of 1,200 tweets! We discussed teens and all the joys – HA – and frustrations there-in. Thursday’s Radio Show also was a great discussion on teens and college, too. I went on a fun rant of sorts in Segment Four about college. The current Because I Said So comic is in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and is beautifully drawn by @VoogDesigns. We will be offering a special caricature offer from soon. Stay tuned. I’m heading to the  mountains to get there in time for a BIG DUMP and maybe some powder!

Revisiting Gratitude, Social Media and our Kids

What’s New? Where do I begin. First, tonight February 23 we are discussing Social Media and Our Kids at #DadChat with co-host Jure Klepic. This is an important topic for all of us especially in light of the viral YouTube video of a dad shooting his daughter’s laptop after she insulted the family on her Facebook Page! The new “A Dad’s Point-of-View column is, Revisiting Gratitude and the new Because I Said So comic introduces a new character, Dr. Blunder. I hope you like the new look for my website? Feedback is welcome…

#DadChat Discusses the Differences Between Raising Boys and Girls

differencesThe first #DadChat of 2012 was held Thursday, January 5. We discussed the differences between raising boys and raising girls. IF you believe many of the PC police, you might think that boys and girls are the same (see The Most Egregious Politically Correct Lies). I assert boy and girls are distinctly different. And, the challenges and joys of parenting them are distinctly different. Exceptions abound, but these generalities tend to be true.

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