Why YOU and YOUR Kids Should Set #Goals at #DadChat Thursday

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Goals. We talk about them, but do we or our kids really follow through and make them and achieve them? That is the topic at #DadChat this Thursday, July 30 at 6:00 p.m. PT/7:00 p.m. MT, 9:00 p.m. ET with special guest Angie Mozilo leading the discussion.

This week’s #DadChat transcript

Angie Mozillo

Angie Mozilo is a mom of 3, a wife, a volunteer, coach, speaker and writer. Through her years of parenthood and raising 3 beautiful daughters, she managed to find and keep a sense of self, even while empowering her kids to find themselves. Through purposeful actions, boundaries and always remembering that kids model what they see, she is walking into the emptynest phase of life with excitement and possibility!

Angie Mozilo is the founder of Woman UP! Speaking and Coaching services. She is a Certified Life and Rediscovery Coach, a speaker and a writer. She partners with people in transition phases of life to rediscover who they are at the core, and to set and reach goals, dreams and desires from that awesome re-discovered self! To find out more about Angie and how working with her can work for you, visit womanupmovement.com

Some questions we’ll ask and to think about in anticipation of this Thursday’s #DadChat:

Do you encourage your children to set goals?

How do you help them to stay on track?

Do you guide them to do what you say to reach their goals, or model through do as I do?

Do you set goals for your own self growth and discovery? Why/Why not?

Do you see a benefit in setting and working toward goals?

Why you should set goals:

Models to your children – setting goals and carrying through; how to plan out a goal strategy; time management and priorities, etc

Helps you to keep a sense of self and refreshes you, so that you can better be of service to your family/children

Prepares you for the transition from full time parent of little ones, to teens, to adults. Helps you to know you, and have a sense of who you are outside of mom and dad.