Moral Question of the Week: Do You Rescue (Your Loved Ones)?

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Right and Wrong

This is a tough question because like most moral questions, there are nuances to it. For those familiar with AA and Al-Anon, the idea of rescuing a loved one is front and center. IF your loved one is an adult the general thinking is that rescuing = enabling. However, when do we stop “rescuing” our children? When do they begin to “own” their own actions? Of course I do not mean life and death situations, but forgetting to do homework? Do YOU do it for them?

And, what about our adult children? How long are you going to let your 22-year-old college graduate live at home? How about your 30-year-old that just quit their job? And, if your adult children have children – YOUR grandchildren – does that influence your thinking when they ask for your help?

NOT an easy question…I welcome your comments!