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Dad HATES Valentine's Day - BISS #170

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that polarizes relationships between men and women, and the expectations are off the chart. We men usually can’t get it right. Women look forward to this day as much as the post-Christmas sales. It used to be simple – chocolates and/or flowers and a sweet card. Now, we’re made to feel that our gifts are reflections of our love and their status (in our hearts). Let’s TAKE THIS ON at #DadChat this Thursday, February 12 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET. Your homework is this column, Why Men Hate Valentine’s Day.

If you want a GREAT warm-up to our chat, join the DEBUT of my friend Julie Spira’s #DateChat at 5:00 p.m. PT/8:00 p.m. ET – I’ll be there! Details HERE!

Comic strip about #ValentinesDay

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  • NoelleNotNoel

    I’m totally indifferent to it. I get annoyed by those that make a big deal about it either way.

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      Where were you @NoelleNotNoel:disqus between my marriages!? #DadChat

      • NoelleNotNoel

        LOL I don’t know, what years would that be?

        • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

          @NoelleNotNoel:disqus – rubbing it in, huh Noelle! LOL – I’m probably older than your father! #DadChat

          • NoelleNotNoel

            Haha No, wasn’t trying to rub it in, I really want to know so I can say where I was. Plus, I’m sure you’re more around my mom’s age. If my dad were still alive, he would have been 73 tomorrow.

          • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

            Hmmm, how old is your mom then @NoelleNotNoel:disqus? It was about 10 – 14 years ago that I was single – between marriages – #DadChat

          • NoelleNotNoel

            My mom is 65, she was 7 years younger than my dad. Remember, I’m not THAT young, 10-14 years ago, I was 24-28 and living in Phoenix. So you wouldn’t have been a cradle robber. LOL 😉