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Who are Millennials?

I’m a Baby Boomer – I’m ooolllddd! What is a Millennial and what is their mindset? Heck if I know, but Brian Fanzo does and he’s our guest at our first #DadChat of 2015 this Thursday January 8, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET.  We’re going to look at how Millennials will influence our kids’ futures and what we parents should do to prepare! Here’s a frightening article ABOUT Millennials everyone should read!

Brian Fanzo - Millennial Social Media Guru

Brian Fanzo is the proud Dad of three girls (four and under!). He was was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa and played college hockey at Radford University, majoring in Information Systems. He currently live isn Queen Creek, Arizona and he says that even after 5+ years a dry heat still feels like his head is in an oven!

Brian Fanzo is currently the Partner and Chief Digital Strategist at Broadsuite helping enterprise technology companies utilize new technology such as Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing to be more productive and become more involved in their communities as a social business! Brian is active across all social channels under the handle @iSocialFanz and was recently named as a top 25 Social Business Leader by IBM & the Economist

Millennial infographic

Some questions to consider and discuss this week at #DadChat:

~~ Are your kids facing a new mindset as they grow and mature? Is it a Millennial mindset?

~~ What IS a “Millennial Mindset” – This Baby Boomer wants to know!

~~ HOW will our kids fare in the work-place in these post millennial times and economic new world?

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~~ What IS the Millennial Mindset? Find out at #DadChat Thursday!

~~ HOW will our kids fare in the work-place in these post millennial times at #DadChat tomorrow!

~~ Do OUR kids face a different – millennial mindset – as they become adults and WHAT IS THAT at #DadChat TONIGHT!

This week’s #DadChat transcript and stats