The Ultimate Quest – Balancing #Work and #Family – with Darren Rowse aka @ProBlogger at #DadChat

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This Thursday, October 30 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET we will take on that evergreen topic and contemporary struggle of HOW to balance work and family: Work-Life Balance. And, we’ve got Darren Rowse aka @ProBlogger to lead us in this important dialogue. Anyone EVER struggle with this issue?

I’ve regularly expressed that we ALL need tech time-outs. One of my suggestions to help with this problem is that families have a tech basket at the family dining table. At ANY meal, ALL devices go in the basket, turned OFF!

We’ll be talking about small issues like:

~~ Work hours

~~ Taking work HOME with you

~~ Working while you eat, weekends, travel, 24/7

~~ Knowing HOW and WHEN to turn it off!

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We will discuss such things as (per Darren):

– Boundaries – around your work and around your family
– The importance of modelling good work ethic (I want my kids to see me working hard to achieve my goals – rather than just shielding them from ‘work’ as if its something to be avoided)
– Communicating to your family when you’re at work — when you work at home


Darren Rowse is widely regarded as Australia’s top blogger and is one of the most followed Australians on Twitter and other social media sites.

In 2002 Darren started his first ever blog – not knowing that what would start as a personal hobby site would grow into a full time profession and multi-million dollar business! Since that time Darren has been involved in publishing over 30 blogs but now is active on two as founder and editor: – photography tips, camera reviews and photoshop tutorials – a blog teaching others how to build successful blogs

His two main blogs are read by over 4.5 millions unique visitors a month. Together they
have over 260,000 forum members and 1,200,000 subscribers.

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