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How many parents do you know who have abdicated themselves to their role as dad or mom? How many parents live their lives vicariously through their kid(s)? How can we be the Best Parent we can be yet still maintain our individuality, personal growth, and follow our own passions? Angie Mozilo is our co-host this week and has been a great friend of #DadChat since we began a little over three years ago.


Angie Mozilo is a mom of 3, a wife, a volunteer, coach, speaker, and writer. Through her years of parenthood and raising 3 beautiful daughters, Angie has faced the joys, sorrows, hurts, surprises, and crazy making moments that all parents face – and probably some that many parents don’t.  Through the process of giving all for her kids, she managed to find and keep a sense of self, even while empowering her kids to find themselves.  Through purposeful actions, boundaries, and always remembering that kids model what they see, she is walking into the empty nest phase of life with excitement and possibility!

Angie Mozilo is a Certified Rediscovery Coach, a speaker, and a writer. She partners with people in transition phases of life to rediscover who they are at the core, and to set and reach goals, dreams and desires from that awesome re-discovered self! To find out more about Angie and how to work with her, visit

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