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Justin Bieber

                                                    Jeremy and Justin Bieber

Perhaps the most egregious example of being a LOUSY parent is the “dude” above who not only doesn’t “parent” his son, but enables his crazy behavior. What kind of parent ARE YOU? Are you your kid’s best friend or their best parent? I often write about this topic as it is a favorite subject of mine. It’s MUCH easier being their buddy than being their best parent — but the latter is WHAT THEY NEED! Join us Thursday, March 13 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET as we tackle this subject!

Okay, are you a JB, LL, or BP? Take the Best Friend of Best Parent Test, if you dare!

Ten questions: Answer True or False – count how many trues and falses you have and see the results at the end of test and find out whether you’re a JB, LL, or BP?

1. True or False: You stick to consequences no matter how bad it makes your kids feel OR how much your spouse advocates to relax them.

2. True or False: Your kids are not allowed to watch all the television they want to – any screen-time for that matter – even if they do all their homework.

3. True or False: You always back your spouse, even when you disagree. And, if you disagree you discuss it in private rather that in front of the kids.

4. True or False: Your kids have to earn their allowance by doing chores around the house.

5. True or False: When your teens have a party, you always stay in the house and set house rules.

6. True or False: Your kids are required to get a job once they’re in high school – at least for the summer.

7. True or False: You require your kids to give some of their gift money – whether for a big occasion such as a Bar Mitzvah, or from Christmas or Hannukah, or a big birthday, to charity. And, as a family, you give regularly to charities.

8. True or False: You attend religious services at least semi-regularly.

9. True or False: If you’re divorced, you never disparage your ex. If you’re not divorced, you never disparage your spouse in front of the kids.

10. True or False: You discuss world events at the dinner table. Heck, you have family dinners at least a couple of times a week.

Okay! Are you a Jeremy Bieber, a Lois Lerner (“I take the 5th”) or a Best-Parent? Be honest and share which you are at #DadChat Thursday!

Lois Lerner - IRS


1-3 Trues: Way to Go! – YOU are a Jeremy Bieber (Justin Bieber’s dad)! You are chill, dope, and awesome! Party on, dude!

4-7 Trues: Hello Lois – you fall right in the middle – might as well take the 5th!

8-10 Trues: Congratulations, YOU are the BEST-Parent!

This week’s #DadChat transcript is HERE!