12 Blogging Tips for the Beginning and Experienced Blogger

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I wrote 25 columns for 12Most.com – a wonderful “list” site – so I got accustomed to writing in the 12-list format. A friend of mine recently asked me to give him a list of tips to share with his son’s class in middle school. They were learning about blogging (this is a class now?) and this is what I came up with:


1. Don’t worry about length; worry about good.

2. Do worry about spelling and proper grammar – it does make a difference!

3. Titles are VERY IMPORTANT – take your time and choose the right title.

4. Hook the reader in the first paragraph – in fact, be sure you have short paragraphs and paragraph correctly.

5. Do NOT use foul language or too much slang unless it’s about slang.

6. As much as possible add images to all your blogs.

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7. Don’t be afraid of controversy but don’t court it either.

8. Have several blogs “in work” at any given time so you can work on the one that is currently “working” for you.

9. IF the flow of writing is not coming easily, put it aside. Revisit it later but if it’s still a struggle, dump it.

10. Write about what you know, what you believe, and what you’re passionate about.

11. Ask questions, especially at the end of your blog.

12. Don’t be afraid to not have all the answers – vulnerability as a writer makes you more accessible.

Please feel free to add your own tips in Comments and feel free to ask me to elaborate on any one of these tips…

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