Dad the Tourist, Part II – India

Category: Because I Said So

Because I Said So Comic Strip #111

Dad is visiting India and must negotiate for his souvenirs, but ends up getting a bit more than he bargaining for! Now, the fact that I’m in Dubai and heading to India soon is purely a coincidence…

  • ginavalley

    Negotiations are often tricky!

    • Bruce Sallan

      @ginavalley:disqus – especially when you don’t speak the language…ahhhh, my #MONEY is a universal language!

  • Kenna Griffin

    I’ve never been to India and I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai. What an exciting trip! I’ve loved seeing your pics on Instagram. I’m living vicariously.

    • Bruce Sallan

      @krgriffin:disqus – well, I’m following in “Dad’s” footsteps so you can follow along with all the photos I’ll be posting on my Facebook profile:

  • Mei

    Any chance you coming to Singapore??? #dadchat

    • Bruce Sallan

      Not this trip @disqus_mAYzV8PM6A:disqus – someday!