Finally, a Good Commercial

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I’ve often been critical of commercials and their exaggerations (err, “I just misspoke”…sound familiar?) and am happy to report that there’s a really good one out there now! Yes, a good commercial. And, it portrays men in a good light. How novel? How refreshing? How odd?

Here it is, video’d off my television, with my iPhone:

The company is Mass Mutual. The sentiment is pure. It touched me because it resonated with me in my own life and because it was so genuine. It sold a meaningful change in the relationship between a father and son in less than thirty seconds. The product is secondary to the emotion communicated. It’s a credit to Mass Mutual and it’s classy.

Why does it resonate so much to me? Simply, I was there. I don’t remember the exact time I first began picking up the checks when I was with my parents, but I remember the transition and the joy it gave me to be able to give back to my parents, specifically my hard-working dad.

Media can do so much good. I often despair at the bad it does, especially in the arena of news. I often say that journalism is dead – replaced by opinionism. I also often criticize mainstream entertainment for its degradation of our lives and society.

Sometimes, there’s beauty produced and this is a prime example. How a commercial of just thirty seconds can provoke such warmth is proof of the power of the medium (anyone remember who is famous for that turn of a phrase?).

  • jack43

    What makes it a good commercial? What you described is good entertainment, but did it sell anything?

    There’s a story told among admen about a VP at Lever Brothers who listened patiently as his agency account exec pitched a new ad campaign. When it was over, the VP leaned forward and spit on his desk. Horrified, the other man didn’t know how to react until the VP smiled and said, “Yes, that was disgusting, but you’ll never forget it.”

    Truth is that I don’t know if I would have noticed who or what this ad was promoting if you hadn’t mentioned it.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Truth is @jack43:disqus – you are right…

  • Bill Draeger

    Seems like it would have been a better commercial if the dad picked up the check because he could because of Mass Mutual. I guess they were selling investments but I’m not sure.

    • Bruce Sallan

      The ad sell is not clear @billdraeger:disqus…as @jack43:disqus pointed out. But, the heart sell won me over!