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iPhone mobile video app

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After last week’s wild ride and scavenger hunt about photos, we’re turning to video – specifically mobile, but really all video – this Thursday, May 16th from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET, at #DadChat. There’s a FAB new app from Ptch – and it’s FREE for your iPhone! Download and play with it before #DadChat, during, or after. Our topic is how we preserve, capture, edit, and otherwise do our family’s digital memories. Our wonderful co-host is none other than TheGoToMom herself Kimberley Clayton Blaine! Follow Kimberley @TheGoToMom for the chat. Check out Kimberley’s awesome ptch page! Read what Fast Company has to say about Ptch! But, it wouldn’t be #DadChat – of late – if we didn’t have some prizes – which, of course, you will have to earn! Read on about Ptch and our prizes for this week’s #DadChat!

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Kimberley Clayton Blaine - Mom-Blogger

Kimberley Clayton Blaine

Ptch app picks up where your static photo feeds on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Viddy, Facebook, and Google+ leave off.

Dreamworks, the animation studio behind Shrek, is backing the iOS app, launched and lets users create, edit, and share 60-second mini-movies from their own photos and video clips. And you can finally use your iTUNES legally without getting in trouble! Then comes the movie magic. Ptch helps users drag and drop title cards, offers iTunes soundtrack help with one of more than 80 preloaded songs, and even integrates comments from your social networks. Like Instagram, Ptch lets mini-movie makers wrap their creations in one of eight styles. You can share new creations on Ptch, as well as on your desired social channels.

“There’s a market opportunity there that I think we’ll eventually explore,” Leonard, DreamWorks CTO says. “Being incubated at DreamWorks, thinking about content owners is in our DNA. We’re paying very close attention to how this platform respects content while creating new opportunities for content owners to monetize.” Follow Ptch on Twitter. 

Here are our prizes for tonight’s #DadChat – two of each – four prizes in all!

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pi Mount is a simple and elegant solution to a common problem faced by iPhone and iPod owners: it keeps the Apple devices off the floor or countertop while they are charging. No more stepping on your iPhone while it’s charging or tripping on the cable in the middle of the night.

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Have fun wherever you go with a building platform in your pocket! Build, modify, play, then take your own LEGO® creations with you. Your BrickCase provides added environmental protection against bumps, scratches, chips and dirt. Go ahead, brick your iPhone!