Ski-Racing – a Bird’s Eye View

Category: I'm Not that Dad

Recently, at Canyons Resort in Utah, they hosted ski-racing and a snowboard-cross race. It was considered a World Cup-class course and the crashes were evidence of its difficulty. I was lucky enough to have press access, meet many of the racers, and actually “run” the course a couple of times. This video of ski-racing was taken with my GoPro held by my chest-mount. It gives a great sense of what it is like to ski or ride such a course. But, imagine it at double the speed. To see more videos and more about Canyons Resort, look at and enjoy, How Skiing Can Cure Cancer.

  • Le Chardon

    Fantastic footage – helmet cams are just great fun

    • Bruce Sallan

      Actually @61e28d50252640a6b8da4b0517241f6c:disqus it was a chest-mount which gives a much better sense of speed – I’m amazing how just those 16 inches or so increase the sense of Being THERE!

  • Brian Vickery

    Fun run and enjoyed Arnie’s drum solo – thought that was the case before you gave credit in the video.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx @dbvickery:disqus – I’m heading back up there this afternoon! I hope you’ll come visit this summer or next winter!?