Three Years as Radio Talk Show Host

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I’ve been a radio talk show host of my very own show for nearly three years. It’s been a wonderful experience. A friend was in studio with me and used my iPhone to video some of my talking and here are some short clips. I think they really represent my show and me pretty darn well. What do you think?

You can listen to or download – free and commercial-free – any of my radio shows at this Radio link.

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The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues book cover - radio talk show host

  • Daniel Alexander

    Wow Bruce.
    Congratulations, that’s fantastic!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx @daniel_dinnie:disqus 

  • dadofdivas

    Very cool!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx Chris…@dadofdivas:disqus – AND I’ve been re-married FOUR years! But, who’s counting…

  • Leslie

    I remember the first shows – wow time flies
    congrats Bruce

    • Bruce Sallan

      It sure does @8b878e017158c5545384f1989cd9724b:disqus 

  • Stan Faryna

    You do amazing things, Bruce. Keep on keeping on!

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    • Bruce Sallan

      Thanks @faryna:disqus – I gotta say most everything I do is simply FUN!