Dad Loves Tech Support

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Tech SupportAhhh, the joy of Tech Support and going through the voice menu at MOST vendors, utilities, and places where we really want to speak to a real, LIVE person!

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  • ginavalley

    Just reading the phrase “Customer Service” makes me roll my eyes, as it has been such a terrible experience so many times!

    • Bruce Sallan

      How cable and cellphone companies stay in business amazes me, Gina!

      • EB

         It’s called a monopoly @brucesallan:disqus ! and @ginavalley:disqus I have so many stories where things have “escalated” with customer service to say the least…awful stuff.

        • Bruce Sallan

          WE do have the power to get their attention @EButtsCPA:twitter as I did with Time-Warner…it was quite interesting!