Best Practical Joke of the Year

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My boys and I have a habit of telling tall tales. Naturally, I was the one who started this “tradition” and it’s been fun ever since to try and keep a straight face when pulling each other’s leg. Last night I pulled off perhaps the best one ever, aided by the ease of doing it via texting.

It all began when my wife was texting with one of our boys and he asked what we were doing that weekend. I told her to say we’d been invited to a party and Rihanna was going to be there. He believed her. That son left shortly thereafter to go on a school trip out of town. While at the airport, he texted us and asked how it was to meet Rihanna.

First, we told him she didn’t show, but Beyonce was there in her place. Soon, we fessed up and he admitted we got him good.

But, it gets better when two days later our other son texts me and we begin chatting. He too asks how it was to meet Rihanna. Here is our verbatim text exchange, which followed some chit-chat, so it’s picked up where IT began:

Son: U meet Rihanna?

Bruce: No, she didn’t show, but President Obama did!

Son: What? You met Obama?

Bruce: You wouldn’t believe what I said to him. Deb (note: my wife) was pulling my arm!!! But, Michelle was cool and their daughters were adorable!

Son: What did u say?

Bruce: I gave him an economics lecture!

Son: What did you say?

Bruce: I quoted Thomas Sowell and Dennis Prager mostly

Son: Was he mad?

Bruce: That we can’t spend our way to recovery. He wanted to know if I’d take Timothy Geithner’s position (note: I knew my son wouldn’t know who that was). I was amazed. Later Bruce Springsteen showed up and did a short acoustic set. Sort of bland. No phones or photos were allowed. Was so bummed.

Son: That’s so awesome. I wish I was with u guys

Bruce: Me too. You would have pee’d in your pants when Moses showed up!

Son: Moses? Who’s that?

Bruce: Moses. From the bible. Duh

Son: Moses isn’t real. Are u kidding about this stuff?

Bruce: Happy New Year son. I got you good! Deb is going nuts laughing! (note: we were both laughing so hard that it hurt)

Son: Wow, I can’t believe I fell for that!!!

Bruce: G’nite. I love you.

Son: love ya…

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