One Overwhelming Week of #Stress

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We all live busy lives. There’s a saying that goes something like, “If you want something to get done, give it to a busy person.” That may be true, but please don’t give it to me. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed these days. It’s really a good overwhelmed but my doctor insists the body reacts the same to good or bad stress. How we monitor and manage our stresses is so important but I’m not going to offer those suggestions.

Instead, I’d like to share a particularly busy week with you and ask – in the comments section – what you might have to offer in comparison, not that there’s any competition since we all handle our “loads” differently. Besides, I tend to like being crazy busy, as much as I might whine about it.

This specific week’s unusual highlight was that it was Election Week. I was following the election faithfully and was very anxious about this particular one. Don’t worry; this column is not going to be political. So herewith the events of that week, for me, in no particular order:

~~ The Election: Every free moment was spent glued to the television the weekend before, through Election Day, and the post-mortem. I was riveted as much as with any sporting event! Plus, those hours spent in front of the tube were hours not spent doing other things! I also read a lot about the election, mostly from e-mail newsletters that I receive. I sort of devoured all this reading.

~~ My Birthday: I was 37 (I wish!) the day after the election. So, there were all sorts of happy occurrences that took place around my birthday, primarily the wonderful video my college freshman son sent me from Boston. My wife made me a beautiful dinner, however my younger son – for the first time – forgot my birthday and didn’t give me a handmade cartoon card as he’s done for so many birthdays and Father’s Days. That made an otherwise joyous time slightly sad.

~~ A New Car: After seven years, I got a new car. We had not planned on getting it this particular week, but we got sucked into a great deal upon finding exactly the used car I wanted: three years old with lo miles and in perfect condition. We spent at least FIVE hours at that dealership making the deal. The irony was that we had the same thing happen a couple of years ago, in “looking” for a new car for my wife.

~~ A 99: My college freshman son got a 99 on an exam. I think that was his first high grade on any exam since elementary school. He was justifiably proud and sent me a photo of the exam with its grade featured prominently at the top. Only one word sums up my reaction: Hallelujah!

~~ Sweeney Todd: My high school sophomore performed in his drama club’s black box performance of “Sweeney Todd.” My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, though our son’s prior anxiety had us worried we wouldn’t. Plus, it was a Friday and those days tend to be ones we like to spend at home. But, it turned out to be an engaging evening, albeit later than I’d have preferred.

~~ A New Townhome: We’ve been looking for a reasonably priced ski condo in the Park City area for many months. Two deals fell apart for stupid bank-issues, unrelated to us. Finally, we went into escrow on one that may actually go through. As of this writing, it is still not closed!

~~ A Par Five: I’ve been golfing nearly six months now and this week I actually thought I sort of “got it.” Now, in golf you never really “get it,” but I was feeling I understood how to swing – finally – in my head and body. We played a new course and I actually pared the first hole, a par five. I won’t reveal my final score but let’s say I’m closing in on breaking 100.

~~ Records Are Falling: My IT/Social Media team and me have been working diligently to build our numbers/visits on It’s work beyond simply posting content and it seems that this particular week we were finally seeing a continued upward movement in the right trajectory. Time will tell, but perhaps we’re on a roll?

~~ My Next Book: The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues: An Interactive Journal from A Dad’s Point-of-View was locked down, was being formatted, and is now released on PDF and Amazon/Kindle. And I made an infomercial for it, with my wife operating the camera, which is on the book page at

~~ Another milestone: We published our 60th Because I Said So comic and I believe it’s going great. Thank you VoogDesigns! Perhaps we’ll publish a book of them someday, but for now I’m hoping the comic is picked up for syndication. Not easy in these days of newspapers failures and cutbacks.

Finally, as I finish this column on Thanksgiving Day, I have my in-laws staying with us for EIGHT DAYS. Will the stress never end?