An Amazing Party

Category: I'm Not that Dad

Larry and Nancy Sanitsky threw the Bar Mitzvah Party of ALL-TIME on Saturday evening, November 10th for their son, Nevin. They took over the top floors of the AT&T building in Downtown L.A. Clearly they also made a deal with G*d, for the weather was spectacular, with incredible clear views from the top of this building. The ceremony took place as the sun set. The party was split between an adult area and kid area with both getting incredible music, food, and spirits. Larry put on an amazing show which is fully captured in this video – don’t miss it! I got to re-connect with old showbiz friends I hadn’t seen in years like my former partner Allen Shapiro, long-time friends Sam and Shanit Schwartz, Ilene Kahn Power, and so many of their kids that I’d not seen since they were little. It felt like a reunion. It was spectacular and this video just gives you a hint of the evening! Enjoy!

  • Daniel Alexander Dinnie

    Wow, what a party.
    Is that really necessary though?
    Is this what the world is coming too?
    I personally, don’t support this kind of thing.
    It sends the wrong message: that you need money to be happy and hundreds of sycophantic friends and that we can buy love.

    • Bruce Sallan

      I understand how you might react that way, Daniel. I can say that this family is quite special. Yes, they have money and choose to spend it in an extravagant manner but there are few families ANYWHERE I know that have the love they have all across the spectrum of cousins, parents, kids, and generations! Frankly, it was money well spent…

      • Daniel Alexander Dinnie

         Thanks for that Bruce. It’s nice to get a “closers to home” opinion. I still don’t agree, as it creates the wrong kind of society, but I do respect and appreciate that they are a close loving family. And we need a little more of that in the world 🙂