#Halloween: Dad is Scared – BOO!

Category: Because I Said So

Dad is Scared - BOO!While we all know that “Dad” is NOT me, I actually did cry when I saw “Bambi.” I don’t get scared. This is the first Halloween when I won’t have a kid that is going trick-or-treating. One is away at college and the other, in high school, is going to a Halloween Party.

The above Because I Said So, as always, is beautifully illustrated by VoogDesigns. Michael Voogd also designed the cover for my second book, coming out early next month. Here’s a preview:

  • ginavalley

    Looks nice!  Looking forward to reading it!  Great title!

    • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

      I’ll be eager to hear your reaction! Should have it out early next month!

      • ginavalley

        Well, you know that all I expect is perfection. 🙂