Dad Loves Musical Theater

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musical theater

As you all know, I write these comics and the wonderful Michael Voogd (VoogDesigns) draws them. There is absolutely NO resemblance between “Dad” and me, of course, though occasionally I do lift story ideas from my life. My son loves musicals and his Drama Club at school is putting on “Sweeney Todd,” so this is a tribute to the Oak Park High School Drama club and my son, Aaron Sallan!

Do take advantage of VoogDesign’s special caricature offer in our ad section (scroll down a bit on the right)!

  • ginavalley

    Nice tribute!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Thx Gina! Hope to CU at #DadChat tonight!

  • Wendy

    Nice tribute indeed! 

  • David Weber

    Best wishes to the drama club.