Sing-a-long with Tom Morello at #OutsideLands – World Wide Rebel Songs

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NOTE: This is a much shorter version – than the previous one – without the preamble and folks coming up on the stage…It’s also a bit closer in.

On August 12, 2012 one of music’s greatest moments took place when Tom Morello closed his show at Outside Lands, in San Francisco, by inviting the audience on stage to sing with him. This video is literally shaking because the ground was shaking and the crowd was truly and literally MOVED! Enjoy, share, and sing-a-long!

Below are just a few of the better photos I took at Tom Morello’s performance, others, and of all the people:



The POSITIVE Energy was Palpable!

Making friends at Outside Lands

Standing ovation for Neil Young and Crazyhorse

Hanging with a few of my closest friends at Outside Lands!

Think they were having a good time?

One of the rock mags – Spin, I think – said The Foo Fighters were the best show at Outside Lands


  • Guest

    Thanks for posting this!  Was 10, 20 feet behind you (you’re the official ipad guy right? :D) and had some friends who missed this and wanted to show them! 

    • Bruce Sallan

      It was amazing, wasn’t it! I just wish I had a tripod! LOL…#OutsideLands @TMorello:twitter 

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  • Trey Burley

    I want to like him and his music, but his over the top political views always drive me away. I know I should be able to separate music from politics, but when they’re so closely intertwined it’s tough.  Good footage though, would’ve loved to have seen the Foos. 

    • Bruce Sallan

      I just went with the moment and it was incredible Trey! The Foo Fighters were incredible!!!!

  • Bill Draeger

    This would be a nice drinking song if your guy sang more about drinking and less about rebelling.