Dad Goes to Outside Lands in San Francisco

Comic Strip about Outside Lands in San FranciscoThe generations collide yet again as Dad gets down – way down – while attending The Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco with Son. Dad references Woodstock to which Son is lost. Heck, Son wishes he was really lost – away from Dad and “his moves!” Of course, everyone knows that I’m NOT That Dad, though I did happen to attend Outside Lands. Enjoy The Best of Outside Lands 2013, a 12-minute highlights video and A Taste of Paul, short clips from Paul McCartney’s nearly 3-hour opening night performance.

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Best of Outside Lands, 2013

The Outside Lands Music Festival this year was simply fantastic. I took hours of video and you can pretty much get a complete feel for the event in this short 11 minute 45 second compilation of clips, people, and more. I kept all the music clips to well under the “fair use” limit so it’s pretty fast paced and, hopefully, YouTube will LEAVE ME ALONE since I was fully legal as far as I understand. You will see clips of the best concert of the festival – Paul McCartney – as well as others of Surfer Blood, Band of Horses, The National, Gary Carter, Jr., Young the Giant, Jurassic 5, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Head and the Heart, Phoenix, Hall & Oates, Vampire Weekend, Willie Nelson, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A Taste of Paul McCartney at #OutsideLands, 2013

Paul McCartney, at 71, put on a flawless nearly 3-hour show on August 9, 2013 at The Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. This is just 3 minutes of clips – and EACH clip that has music is shorter than 15 seconds so YouTube – LISTEN TO ME – don’t hassle me about the rights! This should be completely legal and I’m NOT making money from this – just sharing an awesome experience with my friends! When he did “Live and Let Die,” the place went absolutely wild – see it at the end…

I’m TOO Old for #OutsideLands and 65,000 Kids at a Music Festival!

Making friends! Check out Clark's outfit - she's on my left!

I took my boys to San Francisco to attend the Outside Lands Music Festival this summer. It’s one of those Woodstock-like three-day music extravaganzas. There were several stages strewn around Golden Gate Park and, given today’s sponsorships there were all kinds of companies represented, big and small. Giveaways, prizes, PR of all kinds, and amazing food abounded, along with the unmistakable aroma of weed.

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