Sentiments from Father’s Day – I’m NOT That Dad #21

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This past Father’s Day was full of sentiments for me since my oldest graduated from high school and is heading off to college and my youngest got his driver’s permit. They’re certainly NOT kids anymore. What they gave me was quite special.

  • dadblunders

    They grow up so fast.  I hope I am lucky enough to have my son do something like that for me when hes that age. 🙂

    • Bruce Sallan

      He will! 

  • Brian Vickery

    I’m with you, Bruce – my oldest just got engaged, and she is 10 weeks pregnant…with 2 more years of college left. I have two great daughters, but sometimes they (at least this oldest one) get in too big of a rush to achieve life milestones (and sometimes do in the wrong order!!). I did share one of the engagement pics on my Facebook wall, by the way ;).

    Nice Indiana-Jones-like singing, by the way – I actually sing country on a blog post tomorrow in celebration of our 23rd wedding anniversary.

    • Bruce Sallan

      Wow, someone is actually looking at my vlogs! TYVM Brian! As for your daughter…whoa! Hope you “like” the guy?

      • Brian Vickery

        Bruce, I see just about every blog/vlog/I’m Not That Dad comic strip, you know that. Sometimes I only get around to commenting on the blog, though.

        “Like” the guy is a complex topic. Lots of good…but they did have a rough patch before this happened. Kris and I always adjust, though…and we are pulling for them and will help however we can. Lex takes a full course load this Fall…goes online or takes Spring off…then finishes up her college education. I’m still paying because I committed to that milestone as a Father. Luckily, they will live close by, so Kris can help with some of the daycare while Lex goes to school.

        And the guy has a good job, and he truly has some good building blocks. He’s older than I was when I got married 😉

        • Bruce Sallan

          I had no idea, BV – that is very cool and VERY much appreciated. I don’t “feel” as if my vlog has gotten much traction yet. I work hard on them and actually edit carefully. My next one is from lots of video taken at my son’s high school graduation. Most vlogs are just one-offs, one-take ditties. I wanted mine to be better than that – guess that’s the old producer in me!

          Mixed feelings is good. Room for growth for you and HIM!