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Because I Said So Graduation

It’s that time of season where our kids are celebrating graduation…from elementary school on to college. “Dad” did not use the amazing Jodi Okun (College Financial Aid Advisors) for advice on how to prepare, best practices for applying, and the smartest and diverse ways in which parents and potential students can get scholarships and/or financial aid. That is why “Dad” is sobbing.

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  • Annrhea

    And then there’s grad school!!

    • Bruce Sallan

      BUT, loans are easily available to them for Grad School – I ain’t paying for that, TOO!

  • VoogDesigns

    Please don’t tell “Dad” that. News like that just might put an end to “Dad” and this comic strip! Thanks for commenting Annrhea!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Bruce can take it, Michael – not so sure about “Dad!”

  • College $$ Advisor

    Bruce I am still here with a shoulder to cry on 

    • Bruce Sallan

      LOL…don’t forget, Jodi, that I’m NOT That Dad! CU tonight at #DadChat!

  • College $$ Advisor

    I know I know

    • Bruce Sallan

      YOU really KNOW, Jodi…I’m excited about writing a column together on the REALITY of college these days!

  • Ted Rubin

    Please… this is next year for me. Let me wait until then before I drown my sorrows 😉

    • Bruce Sallan

      Ted, the whole college “system” is designed to take TOTAL advantage of parents like you and me. The reality of this situation is HORRIFIC, to say the least. @JodiOkun:twitter and I will be writing an “expose” of sorts about this – FOR parents. This is sort of a Dirty Little Secret that has been perpetuated on those of us who have been responsible. WE are the ones who get punished for good credit, sticking around our kids, saving a buck here and there. IF we abandoned our kids, spent all our money, incurred unsustainable debt, our kids would be taken care of for college! THIS IS FAIR? But, I have NO passion on this subject!

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  • dadblunders

    I don’t even want to imagine how much college will cost when my 3 year old son goes. I wonder if they will just want cash or blood? I am sure it is going to cost a lot of blood,sweat and tears before its all said and done…..yikes!

    • Bruce Sallan

      Probably both…start saving now. Begin subliminal messages about going to community college and studying for the SAT. And, hope there are significant changes in the system ’cause it is WAY broke!

      • dadblunders

        Agreed 100%!! I have never understood (including myself with student loans) why we encourage young people to start out life so far in debt that they are lucky to get out of it by retirement. It is a backwards system where we penalize people before they ever have any rewards. We always teach our children that hard work pays off….i honestly don’t recall ever being told that you had to pay for the hard work monetarily too.

        • Bruce Sallan

          This whole thing is soooo out of control. There will be BIG changes including the prevailing thinking that EVERY kid must go to college. Read “The Millionaire Next Door” which is a great argument for becoming a plumber rather than a doctor!

          • Matches Malone

             I’m going through that right now with my two kids. I totally agree with your book recommendation, Bruce. Also, the part where you’ll always have work, even though the job may not necessarily be glamorous. I believe in paying for your child’s higher education, only if you believe they’ll make good use of the education they end up getting.

          • Bruce Sallan

            We are VERY much on the same page, Batman!

  • David Weber

    I tell my students today that when I was an undergrad, my parents did pay for college. Tuition was $125 for each of the three quarters of the regular school year…so tuition was under a grand per school year.  Today, in some of the courses I teach. a textbook costs about as much as my tuition for one quarter.

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