Dad Has a Soul Patch

Category: Because I Said So

Dad Has a Soul PatchLooks like Dad got an unintentional trim on his soul patch.

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  • Lincoln Adams

    You know what you  really need to finally join us people in the 21st century?  A tramp stamp.  Go for it big guy.

    • Bruce Sallan

      You got me, Lincoln. What’s a tramp stamp?

      • Lincoln Adams

        It’s a tattoo women sport above their buttingtocks basically indicating that they’ll sleep with just about anything that has a pulse.  😀

        • Bruce Sallan

          Wow, I sure missed out!

  • Therealmattdaddy

    Back when I worked in construction, the guys called it a “honey mop”.  So, it could be worse.

    • Bruce Sallan

      I’ve heard another name, but it is definitely R-rated so can’t say…

  • Dan Dad Does

    Love the colors!  Really, could there be any more peace and hippie symbols on Bruce…I mean that Not Bruce At All Dad’s shirt in the comic?

    • Bruce Sallan

      Dad is a child of the sixties…thx, DDD – missed you at #DadChat last night! How was driving those Jaguars?

    • VoogDesigns

      Thanks 3-D!. Glad you are enjoying the comic strip. Bruce is a great source of inspiration…

      • Bruce Sallan

        But don’t forget that I’m NOT That Dad!

  • Jeff Fowle

    They’re “drip catchers” 🙂 Very handy to have when eating soup 😉

    • Bruce Sallan

      You are so funny, Jeff! There’s a X-rated term too…but IT will not appear on my site!