The Most Egregious Politically Correct Lies

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When I began my writing career, and then my radio show, I promised myself I’d avoid politics. I’m breaking that promise via this first column of 2012, though it is not exclusively political. I’m old enough to remember when people spoke the truth, even if it was uncomfortable. Political correctness has comprised that value in my opinion. And, one of my strong beliefs as a parent is we must speak, live, and model the truth for our children. With political correctness, that often means going contrary to what they might be taught at school.

I grew up in the sixties and attended Vietnam War protests and probably even wore a Make Love Not War button. I’ve grown up since then and I will publicly admit I’m conservative leaning when it comes to fiscal issues and middle-of-the-road when it comes to the personal ones. Basically, I would like our government and educational institutions to stay out of our homes and take care of the bigger issues like self-defense and a balanced budget.

Now, with the PC police out in full force, it seems too few people speak the truth and too many lies are perpetuated and are too often even believed! This list is my take on what I believe to be the most egregious examples of this horribly destructive politically correct movement. As with most generalities, there are exceptions to the rule.

Feel free to express your disagreements in the comments section or add your own favorite PC lie.

Men and Women Are the Same

This lie is taught in many colleges, that boys and girls are the same but it’s just their upbringing and society that differentiates them. It can easily be proven nonsense at any kid’s park. Give a boy a dollhouse and what will happen? He’ll begin remodeling by first destroying it, and then stomping it to pieces. Give a girl a toy truck and what will happen? She’ll name it Suzy and take very good care of it.

Self-Esteem Matters

Another dumb idea created and perpetuated in California, my home state. Those school assemblies in which EVERY kid gets an award or the sports teams in which EVERY member gets a trophy are nonsense. Real life teaches us that those that excel the most are the only ones that get rewarded.

America is the Worst Country in History

Once again, the sixties have wrought more damage than good as this was the beginning of the demonization of the USA and traditionally respected authority figures such as the military, police, and parents. There has been NO OTHER COUNTRY in the history of mankind that has done more good. Have we made mistakes? You bet. Slavery is our worst legacy, but we fought a Civil War to end that. More Americans died in that war than died in both WWI and WWII. We are the world’s police. I don’t see the French doing anything to help anyone except themselves, and/or to hurt the one democracy in the Middle East – Israel.

Main Stream Media is Not Biased

C’mon, let’s be honest. MSM has always been biased. Long ago, it was always clear which newspapers leaned which way. Now, it’s just subtler. The New York Times, LA Times, most mainstream newspapers, TIME and NEWSWEEK, CNN, and all the network news divisions lean left, PERIOD! And, our universities are solidly and maybe even literally brainwashing institutions in which the notion of civil discourse no longer exists.

The Tea Party is a Bunch of Racist Rednecks

There have been thousands of rallies and TP events. With almost no exception, every place has been cleaned and respected. The lies that there is racism among the tea-partiers are blatant and untrue. Just look at their ranks – people of every race and ethnicity are present, linked arm-in-arm.

Race Matters

The NAACP doesn’t have a reason d’être anymore but still tries to make many issues about race. Of course there is still racism, but it is no longer a pervasive problem. The same applies to sexism in the workplace, another PC lie. The playing field in the United States is the most even and fair in any country in world history. Stop playing the race card when someone disagrees with you!

College Has Diversity of Thought

Most big universities and colleges not only limit diversity of thought but also require singular left-leaning thought in classes or student’s grades will suffer. The liberal arts are the most egregious offender though with the Global Warming issue and it’s one-sided view considered sacrosanct, it’s sadly overtaken the sciences as well. Conservative speakers on campuses are few and those that courageously try to present their positions are often shouted down, especially Ann Coulter and anyone speaking on behalf of Israel. What does the university administrations do? Nothing. But, William Ayres, an avowed terrorist, is welcomed and unhindered on campus. He’s faculty, no less. Let’s not even talk about representatives from Iran or other reactionary groups?

Time Magazine Names “Protestor” the Person of the Year

Honoring an eyes-seen only unnamed woman as representative of their annual “Person of the Year” has inveterately established that Time Magazine no longer has any credibility whatsoever. The MSM support of the Occupy Wall Street movement is yet another example of this slanted viewpoint.

I put my money and my mouth where my beliefs are in my behavior. I mentor a young man dying of a fatal disease. I’ve done charity auctions for causes on #DadChat and been a Big Brother twice. Before you castigate me, think about what you’ve done to “Repair the World?” Feel free to disagree, but try to do so with a little respect. Go for it!


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