Boomers Are People Too

Category: Families & Generations

I did a video interview for Bill Vick ( who is a terrific guy and more so for allowing me to ramble on and on and then edit the video without showing himself once!  At least he could’ve cut away and showed his handsome self when I was picking my nose!  Seriously, he promotes helping boomers to help themselves, instead of falling into the trap of looking back at their “Glory Days” to quote another B.S. (my initials), Bruce Springsteen.  Following is the whole unedited, unadulterated, unfiltered, rambling me:

What I do talk about is my journey from showbiz fanatic and salesman to, in recent years, SAHD (stay-at-home-dad), writer, and radio show host.  Along this journey, I discovered a passion for writing, and that many of the skills that made me successful in showbiz did translate to the new worlds of technology and social media. I was just able to re-purpose these old skills – persistence, showmanship, and selling –and apply them to the “new world order.”

What Bill believes is we can re-invent ourselves, at any age.  I believe it, too, though I languished for several years until I woke up, got off my butt, and went into action. We mustn’t sell ourselves short.  What our new Web site does, created with partners Linda Sherman and Ray Gordon, is give a boost in the tech area of this process of re-invention.  A process I went through and describe in the above interview with Bill.

It really is never too late.  Take a look.  Don’t give up (on yourself).  And, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.