Change Is Good

Facebook made a minor change in how its interface worked, if that is even the right terminology.  I went into a minor fit, immediately e-mailing a techie friend for help, in my momentary panic, because it seemed my Facebook “Wall” was gone!  My friend was unavailable and after a little while of searching around on my profile and my “page,” I was able to figure it out and all was again well with the world.

I realized how my parents felt when they were trying to learn to program their VCR and never could master what seemed like such a simple thing to me.  How such a minor change on Facebook could panic me and result in my kids looking at me cross-eyed like I was a simpleton (well, my kids do that all the time) was almost comical. read more

Boomers Are People Too

I did a video interview for Bill Vick ( who is a terrific guy and more so for allowing me to ramble on and on and then edit the video without showing himself once!  At least he could’ve cut away and showed his handsome self when I was picking my nose!  Seriously, he promotes helping boomers to help themselves, instead of falling into the trap of looking back at their “Glory Days” to quote another B.S. (my initials), Bruce Springsteen.  Following is the whole unedited, unadulterated, unfiltered, rambling me:

read more

Just A Guy Wishing His Kids Said “Yes” Once In a While

What happened to kids listening to their parents?  It seems whatever I ask my boys to do, the response is always some sort of “No,” whether it be questioning why I won’t do it myself or saying “later.”  Am I missing something or have I just become a total wimp of a dad?

When did it become okay to disobey our parents with relative impunity?  I guess when us boomers became parents and began spoiling our kids by giving them everything they wanted. read more