Just A Guy Who Likes Separate Vacations!

Category: Just A Guy

I admit it; I like going away without my wife sometimes.  And, I suspect she feels the same?  She occasionally wants to visit her parents, who live out of town, without having to worry about me.  After all, I am a helpless male.

Let’s face it; we sometimes like separate time and even separate vacations. I ended up being alone over Christmas for ten days and while I missed my family, I loved answering to no one.  And, for my wife, I know she needs that separate time, too.

It’s regenerative; it’s easier, it’s fun.  That’s the truth; that’s the dirty little secret.

Even when we go out to eat, there are those times when I’d just like to be able to choose the restaurant without a negotiation.  As we’re both foodies, of sorts, we each have very specific likes – at any given moment.

So, of course, the same would apply to vacations. The thing we love equally is skiing, so those vacations are easy.  But, with more traditional travel, to foreign countries for instance, we have different interests and separate vacations make sense.

My wife likes to go to different faraway places for most vacations, while I am happy to return to favorite, comfortable drive-to places repeatedly.  She likes to wing it and explore while I like to have a set itinerary.  Thankfully, the times we do go on those “big” vacations, she makes all the arrangements and I just complain about them after the fact. But, what do you expect; I’m just a guy.