Just A Guy Wanting His Sons to be Men

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Does anyone remember when men were men?  When boys looked up to their fathers and other men and wanted to be men just like them in their “manly ways.”  Now, with elementary education completely hijacked by women, there’s been a systematic change in how boys are educated and raised.  When is the last time you saw a male teacher in elementary school?  Do you really think the self-esteem movement has done anything but diminish any real accomplishments? Father just want their sons to be men.

Why are boys dropping out of high school at a much greater rate than girls?  Why is the percentage of young men entering college now substantially less than young women?  Why are boys in elementary school made to read books about subjects that are clearly of a female nature/subject vs. the books they’d organically choose to read?

I heard a very wise woman, Alison Armstrong, on a talk show explain that men weren’t being feminized as much as they were being emasculated.  And, in other ways, women were being taught not to use their feminine skills and assets, but to be more masculine.  Both sexes lose with this approach.

Our differences should be celebrated, not changed.  Shame, for both genders, was an established societal tool that helped determine behavior, as the risk of being shamed was deemed undesirable.  Shame no longer exists.  I think both sexes are weakened by these changes.  I worry for my boys.  But, what do I know; after all I’m just a guy.

Author’s note: Check out this article, by Phyllis Schlafly, dealing with boy’s and girl’s education.  It totally validates this blog.