Just A Guy Farting: Part Two

Category: Just A Guy

I hope you all read my first blog on guy farting and especially watched the attached video.  We’ve attached it again, along with another favorite of the “genre.”  What is it about farting that is so funny?

So, my wife still does NOT think it’s funny, though occasionally she will snicker in spite of herself.  She’s seen the video of the couple in bed and the other morning, I swear, we ended up mimicking them almost word for word!

It was that just before dawn time when you’re only half-awake.  Our three dogs were lying on their beds, in our room, peacefully sleeping.  One of them, our oldest, actually snores slightly.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, while in my sleep, I farted.  Woke both my wife and myself up.

Just like the video clip of the couple, our dogs while not on our bed, howled in protest followed by my wife exclaiming “you’re disgusting” to which I immediately defended myself with “I couldn’t help it.” 

Then, unfortunately, another one let go at which point the aforementioned “in spite of herself” laughing began, which caused me to laugh with the truly unanticipated result being a series of what we call “machine gun” farts that resulted (from me, of course).  She started hitting me mockingly and I started tickling her and our laughter resonated throughout the house, so loudly that we even woke up our usually noise-proof-when-they’re-asleep boys.

Yet again, I demonstrated what a caveman I am, given that I’m just a guy.

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