Just A Guy and His In-Laws

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In-Laws.  They make movies about them.  They write jokes about them.  They make marriages more complicated.  And, I have them.  Second time around.  Much better, but still a challenge.

First time, I started off on the wrong foot by wanting to know why my wife had no relationship with one of her sisters.  Evidently, wrong question.  I then completely ate my foot when they offered to get us a camcorder for a wedding present and I had the temerity to want a voice in the choice.  Being in the “business,” I knew what features I wanted.  Oops.

Well, between those two tragic faux pas, I never recovered.  Neither did the marriage.  Now, the second time around, I’m trying extra hard plus I have in-laws that are open and supportive of our marriage.  But, the cultural differences are big, as our religious differences are as well.  Thank God I can eat with chopsticks, but sometimes I reach for something too soon, but I’m learning.

Marriage involves a package deal—much more the later in life you indulge.  My wife has had to learn about raising boys, never having been a mom, and she’s working hard at it and largely doing well.  They have to learn where the washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and cleaning supplies are.  I have to learn her parent’s ways, treat them with respect, and respect their culture.  A two-way street, a complicated intersection for sure, but it’s worth the effort.  But, what do I know; I’m just a guy.