Just A Guy Recognizing They Do Grow Up!

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My best friend’s son, his youngest, has been house and teen-sitting for us. He’s 20 now and he’s really grown up in so many ways.  It seems the alien pod has left his body and the sane human being his parents raised has returned.  Such a relief, as it gives me hope for my two to know that they do grow up!

When he was my teen’s age I remember an incident that really stuck with me, when his family moved.  I had offered to help and was horrified at how they allowed and indulged their youngest to basically sit around and do nothing, while we worked tirelessly.  He was that self-absorbed.

I made the naïve judgment, not having teens yet, that his parents were allowing this inconsiderate behavior.  Now, I realize it was the easier path to take on a very stressful day.These days, however, he’s become a completely focused and responsible young man. I marvel at his maturity and direction.   It can happen.

I’ve been living in the depths of teen despair, as I watch my son’s self-interest, along with the mess in his room, grow and grow.  As I’ve remarked so often, the mute button seems on whenever I speak, along with the ubiquitous headphones and cell-phone attached to his hand.

But, like my mom was fond of saying and I’ve now re-phrased, “The only thing we must do as parents of teens is keep them alive…till they outgrow it.”

Seeing the transformation of my friend’s son, I now have hope that they do grow up.  But, what do I know: I’m just a guy.