Just A Guy Without His Wife

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I’m just a guy without his wife. She is out of town and, gulp, I have to admit I sort of like it.  The reason she’s gone I don’t like, as her mother is having some serious surgery, and we’re all concerned.  Putting that aside, I must say I’m enjoying the alone time.  In short order, I will miss her as I love her dearly and appreciate all the good she brings into our house, for my boys and myself.  But, for the moment, it’s sort of cool.

My parents were of that “other” generation.  They met when they were 17 and 14, married in their early twenties, and were together EVERY day of their lives unless one of them was in the hospital.  EVERY day, for 66 years.  No typo.  They also had lunch together nearly EVERY day.  Theirs was a love for the ages.

A second marriage, today, is just different.  We bring all the proverbial baggage to the party and we’re more set in our ways.  The benefits of our marriage far outweigh the disadvantages, but being a little messier, not worrying about cleaning up, letting out the occasional burp, eating with my fingers when the food just is screaming to be picked up, are all things I’m temporarily enjoying.

Our marriage has had its challenges from day one, as we are inherently pretty darn different.  That is the appeal, at times, and the struggle.  The things we share and agree on is the important stuff, but those differences do crop up, so this brief alone time is fun.  Okay, it’s only been 3 hours since I dropped her off at the airport.  But, what do I know; I’m just a guy without his wife.