Just A Guy Struggling With Whining Kids

Category: Just A Guy

“I HATE it,” or “I HATE my teacher,” or “I HATE that restaurant.”  Sound familiar.  When my younger son uses that word or is complaining or whining as much as he and his older brother do, I find myself going nuts on them.  “You HATE” such and such?  There are things to hate in this world, like terrorists, rapists, serial murderers, taxes, Britney Spears and Renee Zellweger, but an item of food, a less than terrific teacher?

This falls under the category of spoiled rotten.  I must’ve done something to encourage this behavior and my new wife always gives me “the look” when they act that way; the look that says, “well, where do you think they got it from?”  I then give her the look that says, “bug off,” and we go on to a fight from there.  Okay, just kidding.  Sort of.

But, the general condition of complaining and whining kids is out of control given how terrific they have it, how many things they have, places they go, and the ease of their life in spite of the few chores they have and the homework they get in school.  Let’s save “HATE” for something and someone that truly deserves it.

I’m pretty confident about what to do in most situations but I must admit that I’m somewhat at a loss with the amount of complaining.  It’s not grounds for punishment, but how should I instill in them more gratitude in general and maybe just a little appreciation for all we have vs. what we might not at a given moment.  I guess I don’t have a clue, ‘cause I’m just a guy.