A Living Will For My Boys

When Steve Jobs died I was yet again reminded of the fragility of life. No matter how rich or famous a person is, the grim reaper does not care. While I won’t admit how close in age Jobs and I were, I will admit that I fully recognize that my life could end any moment, though I pray it doesn’t. There is still too much to do, see, and too much work left to do.

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What the Plus! – Guy Kawasaki comes to #DadChat

Guy Kawasaki Joins #DadChat on May 17

#DadChat continued to celebrate its 1-year anniversary with very special co-host Guy Kawasaki, on May 17 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PST. We discussed his new book, What the Plus! plus much more! Read the transcript as you missed the BIGGEST #DadChat ever and one of the biggest Tweet Chats, period with over 2000 tweets, over 400 participants, over a 3 million reach, and OVER 80,000,000 impressions!

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Teens and College, @Josef & @MilasPage on #dadchat

What’s New? Where to begin? We had a GREAT #DadChat last night with @Josepf and @MilasPage co-hosting. Read the transcript of 1,200 tweets! We discussed teens and all the joys – HA – and frustrations there-in. Thursday’s Radio Show also was a great discussion on teens and college, too. I went on a fun rant of sorts in Segment Four about college. The current Because I Said So comic is in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and is beautifully drawn by @VoogDesigns. We will be offering a special caricature offer from VoogDesigns.com soon. Stay tuned. I’m heading to the  mountains to get there in time for a BIG DUMP and maybe some powder!

#DadChat Talks #Teens This Week


#DadChat is again taking on teens Thursday, March 15 – from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PST – with co-hosts @Josepf and @Milaspage. The homework is the There IS Hope column about one parent’s journey with one teen and – for the time being – the happy ending. Yes, “There IS Hope” with your teens.

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There IS Hope

When a parent is in the middle of a kid-crisis, it feels like it will never end. Kid crises are just like all crises in that they will end: more often than not, without irreparable consequences. I am a living testament to this reality as a little less than two years ago; my son was on a downward spiral that felt like it would only end in disaster.

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Opposite Sex Friends at #DadChat

opposite sex friends

Opposite Sex friends are a complicated issue. If you’re single, no big deal (presumably). If you’re married? Opposite sex friends are maybe a big deal. Risks of infidelity abound. My friend Sharon shared her story in The Risks of Opposite Sex Friends, a recent column of mine. If you want “Extra Credit,” read it before we tackle this topic on Thursday, March 8 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST. That 9:00 p.m. ET!

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