Bruce Teaches Golf

Bruce teaches golf now?? This is the first golf lesson from Bruce. He has been playing golf less than a year but believe he knows everything about the game because he got a hole-in-one on his 10th round of golf, EVER. 185 yard Par 3. So, enjoy this first lesson as Bruce teaches you all his skills – with a special appearance from his wife. Future lessons are available – privately, of course – at the bargain price of $25,000 an hour. Bookings are still available for 2013…

Anatomy of the Golf Swing: My Wife

Outside of me, our boys, and her family, my wife loves three things: golf Golf and GOLF. She finally got me to begin…with “begin” being the operative word. Though this game doesn’t really suit my temperament, it is fun and quite difficult. Enjoy these short clips, in real time, slow-mo, and high speed of my wife’s golf swing, off the tee!