Robbie Remmes in the Holy Bowly at Park City

On the last day of the season at Park City, I met a very cool skier and nice guy, Robbie Remmes. They had just held this crazy event called the Holy Bowly in both the half-pipe and this skate-park like snow area and we went in it. Well, he went in it and I video’d. Also watched Robbie get some air off one of the jumps higher up in the park and do some tricks on some obstacles. All-in-all, way cool!

Peter Yarrow and Me: Left and Right

Peter Paul & Mary - Folk Music

Peter Yarrow is one-third of the famous folk trio, Peter Paul & Mary. I’ve been a fan since the sixties when I attended a concert of theirs at The Hollywood Bowl. That concert was my first date ever. I was a young 15-year-old going out with a mature 16-year-old. I spent the entire concert working up the courage to put my arm around her shoulders as we sat, side by side, singing along to “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “If I Had a Hammer.”

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The Last Day: Let’s Do It #Skiing

The ski season ended April 20, 2014 at Park City Mountain. It was beautiful and this is me skiing from the top of the resort – in two takes – through two mogul fields and having a great last run of the season…come along for the ride!

Puff the Magic Dragon – Live from The Egyptian April, 2014

Peter Yarrow, of Peter, Paul & Mary, performed for two nights at The Egyptian Theatre on Main Street in Park City, Utah. This folk singing legend entertained each night for nearly three hours. He’s almost 76 and his spirit is as infectious and joyful as ever. Each night he closed the first half by inviting members of the audience on stage to join him in singing “Puff the Magic Dragon.” Here’s a bird’s eye view as I went on stage on night two. He gave permission to video and post the event – after all, he wrote the song – but I still cut the video in no more than 14-15 second pieces so as not to get dinged by YouTube – hopefully, I succeeded!

360 Degree View (of our new home)

We are moving to Park City, Utah in the summer of 2015. Here’s a 360 degree view of our lot with the foundation just being poured, and the incredible views up at the Promontory development. Can’t wait. Come and visit!

Park City Olympic Champions Parade

Park City, Utah probably “grew” more Winter Olympics competitors and champions than any other place in the world. And, on Saturday April 5, 2014 they had a parade to honor and celebrate the great athletes such as Sage Kotzenburg, Ted Ligety, the Wilson Brothers, and Joss Christensen. Oh, and there was an appearance by the legendary Stein Eriksen, too!