Basic Social Media Etiquette, Part I

Cartoon about Good Manners

Yes, Hank Ketcham was thinking of me!

There are many columns about Netiquette as it’s been termed by some – or proper etiquette on Social Media. I have my own thinking and thoughts on this that I’d like to share. It’s less only etiquette than ways to make things easier for all and, in some cases, just thoughts on how to make things better for all.

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Social Media Social Good: Social Media Mistakes

#DadChat baseball hat

#DadChat recently discussed the mistakes we all make in Social Media with expert John Paul Aguiar. Using the transcript as a guide, I wanted to share the best tips and advice we learned from this topic at #DadChat.

Firstly, some overall impressions I took away from the discussion. Social Media is dangerous, to a degree, for all of us. The ability to hit “Send” can be done in a fit of creativity OR a fit or anger. The latter will usually come back to haunt us. The ability to reach out via a tweet requires little forethought and, again, can be harmful if we are reacting in the moment.

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