A Really Bad Day

I had a really bad day like we’ve all had at one time or another to! Do I sound like a 5-year-old or what? Do you put your bad moods on people?

It began while my wife and our younger son and I were visiting her parents in Vancouver, Canada. My in-laws. They make tragic-comedies about in-laws. In-laws are the go-to choice in any tight spot for every comedian. We’re a mixed race/mixed religious couple. Do I stand a chance? Are we in a recession? Are teenagers fun? Do cows make milk?

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Just A Guy Dealing With His Wife’s Menopause

I doubt there’s any way I can win writing about this menopause topic any more than commenting on PMS at all wins over women’s hearts.  But, that said, I have to say women’s plumbing and emotions continue to be a mystery to me.

My new wife has been “in menopause” since we met, so I actually have no idea who she really is.  First, there were the hot flashes.  Then, the moods.  Then, more moods.  Then, the new moods began, followed by the post hot flashes moods.  Did I mention her moods? When does menopause end?? read more